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BT – Instant Shelters Case Study

BT contacted Surf & Turf as they needed some shelters to protect the workforce when working out in the elements. They wanted to have the shelters branded with their logo, meaning they not only protected the staff from the elements but also acted as a highly visible marketing tool whenever they are erected.

They decided to go with our Canopro Elite – Heavy Duty Shelter, our top of the range Instant Shelters, as they needed a robust, reliable shelter that could be used day in day out by a variety of different people. The ProTex1 is the strongest shelter on the market, which comes with free spare parts for 12 months, all cast alloy joints and 3 years frame work warranty. Don’t be confussed with poor quality imitations. BT needed a mixture of 3m x 3m Instant Shelters and 4.5m x 3m Instant Shelters.

In these pictures you can see the 4.5m x 3m, with BT’s logo digitally printed to the sidewall and valence. Digital printing ensures that pantones are met.