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Common Mistakes Businesses Make at Outdoor Events

If you’re exhibiting at an outdoor event for the first time, there’s plenty of room for things to go wrong. Sudden gales of wind, torrential rain, and other considerations can put a dampener on your day; if you aren’t prepared, your carefully organised stand could be a wasted investment.

 To ensure that your event comes off without a hitch, we thought we’d run through a few slip-ups businesses can make at outdoor events. By taking lessons from these common mistakes, you’ll arrive prepared for any eventuality.  Getting caught in the rain Country shows and festivals, in particular, are at risk from tempestuous weather. Large swathes of grassland don’t have much protection from gusts and downpours, so failing to invest in a quality, waterproof shelter could undo your hard work in an instant. All of our shelters are made to stand fast against harsh winds and rain. With a strong aluminium frame and waterproof canopy, our Canopro Lite range guarantees you won’t be toppled when you least expect it. For further peace of mind, we suggest taking a look at our stackable weights and sandbags, to reinforce your instant shelter further.  Assuming light is on your side Let’s assume for a moment that forecasts are sunny, you’re planning to set up in a gorgeous location, and everything seems too pastoral to invite sabotage. Unfortunately, the fairy-tale events day can change in an instant, and light levels can fluctuate as clouds roll in from nowhere. To maximise light in your shelter, choose a gazebo that has a window or clear sides, so that your visitors aren’t enclosed in a tight, dim space. Many of our Canopro Elite models are available with a transparent canopy, designed to let a substantial amount of sunlight through. So your customers will be protected from the elements, without being left in the dark.  Blending into the crowd You may have an energetic team manning your stand, but promotional goods are half the battle when it comes to winning hearts and minds at outdoor exhibitions. With so many stands to choose from, will visitors notice yours in the crowd? We have a large selection of banners and branded flags that can be customised with your unique designs. Lightweight PVC allows you to transport your materials with relative ease, and they’re astoundingly resilient. Invest in your branding now, to take advantage of quality marketing collateral at events for years to come. Outdoor exhibitions are a great way to build brand awareness, drive sales and promote your products and services to a large audience. A sturdy, tailored stand can be lucrative for your venture, so don’t compromise on quality when attending an outdoor event. Surf & Turf is perfectly placed to deliver the goods for your first exhibition. We’re experts in our field (pardon the pun), providing bespoke marquees, shelters and branding solutions to businesses of all sizes. To have a chat with our team of events professionals, call 01925 819608 today.