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Promotional Materials That’ll Make You Stand Out

Advertising, more often than not, relies on reigning people in without them knowing it. Exhibiting can boil down to a careful measure of vanity – how much do I want to broadcast myself, without seeming overblown? For anyone manning a stand at an event, this question will direct a large wedge of their marketing tactics, and which promotional materials should be given pride of place as a result. Surf & Turf has a handle on what makes an exhibition sing joyfully amongst the masses; we’ve been doing this for a long time, so let’s show you the 4 best promotional goods that can make your stand the talking point on everyone’s lips: Flags Pretty much one of the best ways to stake your claim on a consumer base, a well-defined flag can literally rise above the competition, projecting scale and added playfulness on any event stand. There’s a lot to gain from using a definite height advantage over your neighbours. Our Giant 5m Flags do just that, stretching your brand to new dimensions whilst being extremely resistant to battering winds. Valance wraps Having a canopy over your stand is crucial when you’re outdoors; how else are people going to stick around if rain gets the better of them? Apart from the practical aspects, though, canopies foster a cohesive and defined impression of homeliness – anything under them is brought under one roof, an inviting hook for attendees to be snared on. Accentuate this further by attaching a promotional Valance Wrap to the side of our Instant Shelters; it adds another lick of respectability to your set-up, made to fit any size like the frame to a brilliant photograph. Banners The bread and butter of many an events magnate, promo banners can deliver a punch to your marketing strategy, as they’re incredibly adaptable for any available space. There’s a lot to take in, so be mindful of the length of ground you may be allocated before finalising a purchase. If you’re in charge if a running track, for example, you’ll do well to choose a selection of Aerotex Banners, which are easy to move and deploy. Roller Banners, conversely, are better as a quick introduction to your venture, stationed near a main stand or by an entrance. Table covers Having a large table at your disposal is the equivalent of dropping an anchor in the promotional waters: it’s not going anywhere, and your crew will manage it, conducting the most vital elements of interaction over its dependable weight and sturdiness. Draping a Table Cover over the top is a guaranteed ploy for success, since everyone who visits your stand will see a bold, professional base of operations staring back at them. They’re great too for shielding necessary extras from view, hiding messy cables and boxes. The pressure of mounting a fantastic showcase can be overwhelming if you don’t keep a firm head about what’s out there. Surf & Turf’s range of event branding is customisable to whatever logos, colours and layouts you can dream up, giving these classic promotional materials the voice that you’re looking for. Staging intelligently designed exhibitions isn’t something you should fret about when there’s so much that can assist you. Contact us for more information and guidance for making the ideal statement at your next event.