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Autumn & Winter Work Shelters To Rely On

As the days get shorter and chillier, outdoor workers can be forgiven for bemoaning their jobs. Regardless of how well you’re wrapped up, the autumn and winter months can be hard and treacherous, making outside projects a lot harder to accomplish. That is, unless you have a shelter at your side – or, more accurately, over your head for the coming season. Work doesn’t have to grind to a halt when sleet and rain are beating down. Whatever your trade, there’s an instant shelter for you… A base of operations For many tradespeople, the street, roadside or construction site is basecamp. You may be a builder, for instance, working on a new property development, or a mobile mechanic who has to change tyres and engine parts on the fly. These jobs require a degree of patience for braving the wind and the cold, which stretches to the limit when the weather turns nasty. If you’re simply seeking a little cover from rain, snow and sleet, then a Canopro Compact Instant Shelter might be a great purchase. It’s open enough to be set up by a vehicle or checkpoint without limiting your agility. The aluminium-based frame can easily withstand most gales, so it won’t topple over with the slightest autumn breeze. To resist heavy winds, we have stackable weights that’ll fit around those stands and secure them even further. What this shelter won’t provide, though, is insulation. For this, we suggest a Robusta Instant Shelter, which comes in various sizes to cater for large or small-scale requirements. The 3m x 3m or 4.5m x 3m models should be enough for a team of two or three workmates. You’ll stay dry, unruffled and brimming with enthusiasm for any outdoor work on the cards. Never wet n wild As a tradesperson, you’re probably accustomed to coping with the extremes, so a greater concern may be protecting the ground beneath your feet from rain, or keeping your tools dry and out of sight on a night. Or, if your role involves dealing with members of the public, you may be more concerned about sheltering them from wet weather. Thankfully, all of our shelter materials are built to resist any sort of water seepage. We even offer extendable rain canopies to lengthen the protective element, ideal for winter sports events, markets and conferences. And if you have two or more shelters joined together, you can apply some gutter systems to drain away all that pooling liquid. The reality is that you can’t really afford to drop everything for the winter blues, as tempting as it may be. We have responsibilities to uphold – ours, as you may have guessed, is to keep you warm and happy while the season does its best for the opposite effect. Contact our advisors to pick out the perfect shelter, as well as additions that will make your trade less of a hardship. We promise we won’t ever leave you in the dark!