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4 Design Tips For Banner Promotions

Often, at an exhibition, your stand is creaking with too much pressure. We don’t mean this in a literal sense, but in terms of its visuals – all eyes are on your shelter, or display table, when your branding should really be prolific in other forms, flavouring the event in every space you can claim. Extras, like banner displays, exist to strengthen your reputation. Ignoring them is perilous when aiming for a high footfall. With this in mind, let’s explore four methods for designing your promotional banners, cementing your brand in just the right way: 1. A sentence that sums you up Buying an Instant Shelter, and dressing it up to the nines, is a no-brainer for giving attendees a taste of what you’re offering. Some businesses, like culinary teams and market traders, actually will be offering a taste test for lucky passers-by. A Shop Front Banner can present a line of text – perhaps a company motto – that surmises what makes you special. Ask for a lone sentence to be printed, sandwiched by your logo or a charming picture at either end. 2. Sky-high impact For something grander, we suggest turning to a Sky Banner, which clamps around your shelter on any side you like. Deploy a front-facing banner with your company name right in the middle. The surrounding material can be as sparse or colourful as you like, as long as the words are clearly visible. Stripes of tonal shading can run from bottom to top, or you can inflect some vibrancy at the corners of the material, arrowing towards the centre for an aesthetic nudge. 3. Rolling out your message Here’s where things get more complex, as a Roller Banner has more to play with, being readable from a close standing distance. Either go for a large logo in the middle, or a photo that perfectly encapsulates your product/service in action. The image can even be used as a background for text pieces, which need to have a slight measure of distance between them. Go for broke if you like – purchase three Roller Banners, and have each perform a function: one for the main branding, a second for hard information, and the last for high-res, photographed scenarios. 4. Playing with shapes The more you can show how inventive, conceptual and artistic you are, the likelier people will stride over and ask for further details. Surf & Turf offers a Pop-Up Banner range that throws a lot more shapes into your events arsenal. These include ovals, tent styles and three-sided arches. Rounder banner models mix up your words and imagery; for instance, a swirling collection of USPs, orbiting the force of your company slogan, implies that every part of your operation mixes together. Take our advice – banners are a power to be reckoned with. As much as your Instant Shelter may be adorned in visual flourishes, there’s little point falling short on the rest of your exhibitor setup. Surf & Turf can print almost anything you have in mind on our diverse, breath-taking banner selection for indoor and outdoor events. Get in touch, and give us the mandate that’ll bring your business to life…