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Pedal To The Metal: Preparing For Motorsport Season

Ahhhhh, the purr of an engine; the rabid fans waiting at the sides of a track, hungering for the cough of oil and gears… Motorsport season is almost here, launching a dervish of bikes, trucks and racing cars into the petrol-head calendar. You may be gearing up yourself for a spot at a relevant event, wondering how to make an impression. Well, let’s kickstart your momentum with some handy advice for satisfying spectators and business prospects alike: Announcing your vehicle’s brilliance Since this is a niche area of interest, with its own considerations and showcase variables, your choice of Instant Shelter carries more weight than usual. Surf & Turf recently exhibited in person at the Autosport Show, Europe’s largest indoor motorsport event. We used the 6m Hexagonal Canapro Elite, and can vouch for the impact of its open-ended feel on the host of attendees who spoke to us. Race teams might want to follow suit, as the 6m model has a tent-style canopy, with sides that are spacious enough for a vehicle to lie underneath. Promoting your sports car or drag racer has a visual base to grab and hold attention. What’s more, you can print your team branding on the canopy, accentuating it with flags and banners that reinforce how great you are. Bringing your stand to life However, we also suggest looking into our funkier shelter designs, which were displayed winningly at a 24-hour race series in Dubai this January. Inflatable shelters lend a more casual impression to your event stand, shielding anyone from wind or rain that might come into play. Our Expo Domes, for instance, are a motorsport staple around the world. You’ll have them up and running in minutes, and the side walls are zipped tight against air infiltration. Branding, too, benefits from the circular, eye-level adornment you’ll decide on when the shelter is being finalised. A home for your tools Spare tires, wrenches, drills, nuts and bolts need somewhere to stay at the event, on a structure you can put faith in. Drivers in action must know that a repair can be performed with minimal fuss, that your events team is clued-up about where all the essential kit is being stored. Let us therefore introduce you to Surf & Turf’s Grand Prix Workbench: a portable, foldable, multi-layered table for karting and racing competitions. It is coated in zinc, one of the strongest metals available, which also allows it to be fairly long without losing that core resistance to damage. We offer a special rack for packing tyres away, as well as reinforced manufacture on the bottom and middle shelves. In all likelihood, you’ll be itching to strap on that helmet, clean that bumper, and go for broke on a motorsport challenge over the hill. Whether you’re showing off your talent on the track, or flogging your motor merch to the public, we have the perfect stock of items to put you in the driver’s seat of your event planning. Call Surf & Turf today and let us know what you require.