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3 Clever Ways To Use A-Boards

With all the hubbub surrounding your event, it’s possible to forget about the smaller, less forthright parts of your promotional gear. Yes, a shelter is the lynchpin to your setup, along with the banners grazing around and above it. Yet A-boards are just as effective if they’re used properly – we want you to expand your repertoire, no matter how subtle they may seem. The thing is, you can pursue all sorts of creative routes with an A-board, including the three we’re about to run through. Buy a handful, and you’ll have a mini canvas for your quirkiest, most memorable branding…

1. Artistic freedom

When we draw attention to the arty possibilities of an A-board purchase, we aren’t joking: you can really can go to town on the visuals, since it’s not meant to be the headline facet of your event kit. Take a product of yours, and play with the aesthetic presentation. You could employ a gorgeous pencil drawing of your food or drink, if you’re a culinary business, and scan it onto high-quality print material, implying artisan cooking. Text might be in a bolder, loopier form than your leaflets and roller banners; this approach to an A-board relies solely on the beautiful imagery you can conjure up.

2. A witty tagline

Take a trip down your local high street, and you’ll doubtlessly see a procession of A-boards outside shops, cafes and pubs with a sense of humour. A lot of them advertise two-for-one deals and the like, but the best are a quick shot of jokey adrenaline, playing with the name or concept of their parent brand. Honestly, we couldn’t give you any examples specific enough to your sense of fun – the A-board world is open to whatever you can think of. Delve into pop-culture, well-known phrases, wordplay or a simple upending of cliché that gets people talking.

3. Two halves of one message

Considering the fact you can double up on an A-board purchase with ease, they might as well be maximised for a higher, more curious dose of engagement. If you have a few sentences outlining your USPs (Unique Selling Points), split and relate them over a two-pronged attack. One half of your sentiment will complement the other, showing how your ideas and practices interlink. When you stand them at either side of your shelter, like a gateway to what’s ahead, delegates will be processing them as a single entity: in a flash, they have multiple associations to regard your venture with. Surf & Turf’s events team is always looking for ways to jog your promotional imagination. Our A-boards are foldable, UV resistant and incredibly stable for all kinds of outdoor and indoor events. Take the baton we’ve passed you, and race with it to the finishing line of your exhibition design. There’s no excuse for a boring, predictable complement to the heftier pieces to your events puzzle!