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Why Charities Absolutely Need The Best Events Kit

“Love is all we need,” a famous Liverpudlian once sang, but he was only halfway to the truth. Charity work, being a genuine, altruistic force, can get by on goodwill up to a point. Yet when you’re rubbing shoulders with other stands at a big event, people won’t just flock to your great intentions… In reality, you’re under the exact same pressure as a for-profit business, forced to make a visual statement for your charity’s appeal. Nothing quite lands the same punch as creative events gear – let’s show you why it’s necessary, and what you should invest in. Showing what you stand for You don’t have to be modest when you have a lot to say about certain issues. Sitting next to commercial stands should push your competitive streak. Buy an Instant Shelter, first of all, with a bespoke print on the sides and canopy to announce yourself. Our models are light enough to be deployed anywhere in minutes: perfect for a pop-up community event! The graphics should present your logo, at the very least, and a motto that drives home the scope of your activities. Invest in a Sky Banner for maximum impact; this is where that tagline or motto can come into its own, rearing above the mass of identikit event stalls. Taking time-out with your prospects Stopping passers-by for a chat is infinitely easier if you have an inviting set-up that will encourage people to pause their day for a conversation. This can be achieved with an Impact Cube, which inflates to a boxy, PVC-based charity hub, should you wish it to. Whenever anyone steps inside, it’ll feel like you and they are in close communion, ideal for convincing an attendee that what you’re doing is worth their time. Fix a run of LED Lighting inside to heighten the mood: your shelter will be especially vibrant when the sun goes down. Making your sporting displays fun and practical A lot of non-for-profit organisations engage with their audience through games, challenges and team sports. If this relates to you – and we heartily recommend it, by the way – then it’s worth purchasing some specialised events equipment, like an ad hoc section of Sports Flooring to keep everyone’s shoes dry and fleet-footed. For running or cycling competitions, set an Inflatable Arch at either end of your race track. The flanks of the route can be laid with PVC Banners that repeat your message to the crowd, so no-one’s in any doubt of why this event is happening, and what the stakes are. In a sense, you have a leg-up over your corporate competitors – all of your motives are purely selfless! As long as you can exude this quality, and sharpen the eye-grabbing nature of your charity stand, then those donations are yours for the taking… Contact Surf & Turf to learn about our work with charities across the UK, and how your next fundraiser might look.