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A Weight Off Your Mind: Ways To Strengthen Your Shelter

Wherever you set up an outdoor shelter, it’s crucial to keep the surrounding conditions in mind. Howling winds, tumbling detritus, and even pushing punters can all exert pressure on any quality shelter, leading to damage, or, in the worst-case scenario, complete collapse. Fortunately, you can take a weight off your mind before your next exhibition by investing in some superb support systems. Listed here are some of the very best products for strengthening your shelter in even the most difficult environments. Keep things tied down If you’re propping up your instant shelter on a hard standing surface (like a car park or tarmac), you won’t enjoy the same sort of grip as you’d get on a field or grassy bank. When a wind rolls in, anchoring your shelter to the floor is a much more difficult task – and this is where stackable weights can prove so useful. These 12kg accessories come in pairs, clipping comfortably onto instant shelters to offer invaluable resistance against increased pressure. For a more economical solution, deluxe sand bags are similarly effective. These affordable tubes simply need to be filled with gravel and then attached to the shelter with accompanying straps, offering superb value for money. A strong connection Running a bigger-style exhibition stand with two (or more) shelters involves connecting them together – and you’ll need some sort of guarantee that the link between won’t falter in the face of trying conditions. In this scenario, double weights are the answer. These products are specially designed with cut-outs on either side, combining multiple shelters and solidifying the connection point between them. Strap into position It’s great to ensure things down at the base of your shelter are safe and secure, but what about the top end? There’s nothing more distracting than your roof and side walls fluttering whilst you’re trying to do business and talk to interested parties, after all. A heavy duty anchor kit can ensure this never has to happen, strapping safely around the shelter frame to offer maximum support from top to bottom. Patch up like a pro If a sharp object comes into contact with the fabric of your instant shelter, there’s always the risk that the material could be left with tear marks. By carrying a repair kit with you wherever you set up shop, you’ll be able to patch up your shelter with aplomb in a moment’s notice. Every repair kit comes with adhesive patches, repair tapes, tube of flexible repair adhesive, and a pair of disposable gloves – allowing you to make quick fixes with ease. Don’t let testing conditions prevent you from effectively running your exhibition stands and promotion campaigns. Stock up on shelter security accessories from Surf & Turf today and keep the business coming in. If you have any questions, give us a call on 01925 819608 for more information, or email