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The Secret To A Successful Sports Stall

Goal! Hole in one! Slam dunk! These are the exclamations you could be teeing off at a fantastic exhibition. The challenge is finding a stall that shows what your brand is capable of – and a sports-themed offering, more than most, has to be bright, fun and ready to inspire. Luckily, thanks to events experts like us, you’ll find lots of ways to spruce up your sports stand. Whether you’re a team, charity or business, here are a few ideas that can help you draw in a raft of interest. Athlete-friendly flooring Indoor events aren’t that much of an issue: anyone can stop by and see what you’re up to. But outdoor gatherings are harder to prepare for, since there’s the chance of mud, rain and soaked-through shoes. We recommend buying some adaptable sports flooring to build a space – both inside and beyond the main shelter – that’s kind to trainers, saving them from a washout. Floor panels can be clipped together in shades of red, grey, green or black; whatever suits the aesthetic of your brand or team colours. In addition to the protective layer they put between players/delegates and the ground, sports floor tiles can take the shock of running feet, keeping people agile if you’ve set up an ad hoc court for a game. Branded flags for a clear message What can bring a sense of occasion? That’s right: giant flags printed with the core of your visual branding! Hoisted above your stand, they mark the ceremonious attitude of the fact that you’re there – and ready – to put a unique spin on a sporting event. Flags can also be used to designate milestones on a cross-country route, or declare boundaries that people should pay attention to. Surf & Turf can design tailored, eye-popping promotional flags from any graphics you want to include. This might be a team name, an introductory tagline for a product… the possibilities are endless. Inflatables with plenty of style Sports fans respond well to physical energy. In practical terms, this may lead you away from more traditional shelter models for your HQ, and open the possibilities of an inflatable shelter unit. The Expo Dome, for instance, has a curved shape that’s better suited to the implications of sporting endeavour i.e. that games are meant to test our limits, not put us in a box… That’s matched by the removable wall sections around the centre point, which can be taken away for a freer feel. What’s more, the Expo Dome inflates within a couple of minutes, so you can take your stand to wherever it’s best served. Again, personalised branding is available to maximise appeal. The choice is down to you, of course, but we love debating the big wins of a sporting exhibition, and how we can help you achieve them. The ball’s in your court now… Call our team to discuss anything we’ve raised, or browse our store for some of the most prestigious events kit in the UK.