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Forget The Wet: Tools To Help You Survive Rainy Season

Drip, splash, squelch. This trio of soggy sounds are ubiquitous in British autumn. The heavens can open for days at a time, meaning we have to find ways to deal with the problems that rainy season poses: leaks, puddles, and perhaps even potential flooding. The last thing you need is your event/exhibition stall succumbing to bad weather. Fortunately, that’s where we can help. We’ve got all the supplies you could possibly need here at Surf & Turf to help you forget the wet – keeping you, your team, and your visitors bone dry. Rain gutters If you’re tying two instant shelters together to create an attractive undercover event space, there’s always the risk of leaking at the attachment point. Heavy rainfall can lead to high amounts of moisture gathering on the surface, creating a potential hazard as water drips through to the floors and surrounding areas of your shelter. At Surf & Turf, we store specialised rain gutters designed to solve this dilemma. Built with rapid-speed set-up in mind, these rain-channelling devices are easy to fasten to your instant shelter, utilising a Velcro strap. If you’re anticipating particularly testing conditions, our elite rain gutters are the highly toughened, sharper alternative. Parasols People often associate parasols with the sunshine, but the models we have here at Surf & Turf are equally suited to drizzle and downpours – offering you the chance to build a cosy, covered outdoor arena for staff and visitors. Suitable for both residential and commercial use, our parasols are constructed with premium-grade water-resistant materials and are ready to order in a number of different sizes – with full printing and branding options to boot. You can also pick out various base plates and take advantage of protective cover bags to keep your parasol dry outside of event hours. Repair kits When the rain comes tumbling down, any stall or stand is prone to potential damage. Excessive damp can weaken material and loosen fittings, which is why you always need to have a repair kit on hand for the worst-case scenario. Here at Surf & Turf, we have repair kits for instant shelters and inflatables available, offering you the essentials required to fix problems quickly so you can avoid shutting your stall down in adverse weather. Every kit comes with water-tight adhesive coverings, tape, a tube of repair adhesive, and disposable gloves for safe, hygienic mending work. Prepare for the wet today and ensure your stall remains immune to the troublesome autumn weather. If you need any assistance sourcing the types of rain-proof products that can help you survive below darkened skies, give the Surf & Turf team a call on 01925 819 608 or send an email to We’d be delighted to tell you all about the different types of waterproof products we have in stock.