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It’s A Wrap: Everything You Need To Know About Valance Wrap Banners

At Surf & Turf, we’re used to hearing people talk about a ‘wraparound marketing strategy’ – that is, the desire for rounded, complementary branding that forms something customers can relate to. Yet in the context of events, this goal has a far more literal source of success… It comes in the form of valance wrap banners: a great ingredient to your exhibition. They ensure your shelter, stand and secondary materials have one last capper on their mission to display your best professional qualities. Never heard of valance wraps before? No problem – we’re going to walk you through why they’re so good. Wrapping our heads around the basics First off, we have to approach the definition of a ‘valance wrap banner.’ There’s little point talking about their virtues if you aren’t wholly sure what they are. The Surf & Turf team like to imagine them as a quick, non-permanent addition to your shelter design. If the main shelter is the burning sun of your promotional identity, think of wrap banners as the brief comet crossing its upper half: a little extra that can still induce awe before it disappears, making way for something else. Valance banners are attached to the frame of the shelter canopy. They function as a decorative line above your entrance and side walls. Companies like ours, who sell Instant Shelters, gazebos and inflatables, have matching valance wraps to fit the dimensions of the piece (1.5m x 1.5m, 4.5m x 3m etc.). Usually, they’re fixed onto the canopy edge with Velcro; that means you can remove and reattach them for each event. The purpose is always the same – to empower your branding arsenal – but, since you can choose tailored prints for every banner, the messages may be different. Why and how should I use them? Keeping to this vein, we can begin to think of multiple tones, styles or product/service offers that are appropriate to the event you choose. Valance wrap banners are good as a swift, concise reminder of why a brand is worth a look-in. You may want to change that all-important rhetoric or visual impetus for new environments – a Freshers’ Week stand on a university campus, for example, or a tagline that hits the corporate market harder than B2C demographics. Valance wraps are an affordable way to differentiate a shelter from its regular, featureless cousins. Branding the whole canopy is more expensive, plus it’s permanent; therefore, these wraps offer flexible means to give your audience what they want, ideal if you have more than one demographic. Thirdly, the colours, ideas and motifs you can create are really vivid – as long as you choose an experienced valance wrap printer like us. Surf & Turf can take almost any concept you’re set on, and proof it for the banner wrap design that’ll slip most perfectly into the rest of your events aesthetic. Curious? Get the precise, incredible valance banner wrap you’ve always wanted, if you didn’t know it till now! Call our team on 01925 819608 or leave us a request today before another event muscles into your professional life.