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Exhibiting Abroad: What You Need To Succeed

It’s often said that ‘the sky is the limit’ when setting out to dominate an industry. Eventually, however, that may become a literal marker of where to go next… Jetting off to another country will expand your horizons, both in terms of who you can sell to and what you can learn from other events beyond the UK. There are many advantages to exhibiting abroad. If you’re preparing to do this for the first time, take a moment and read our tips for how to pull it off, with barely a hitch in your event plan. Buy everyone medical insurance We’re very fortunate to have the NHS. But it does mean we aren’t used to arranging and paying for health insurance, which your team most certainly requires when travelling internationally. What happens if a member of the event force gets sick? Something may occur that results in an operation, hospital stay or a run of expensive medication. To cover all bases, we urge you to check out health insurers via a comparison site. The best providers are those that allow the addition of more locations without upping the insurance premium. Remember to declare existing medical conditions, such as asthma, that won’t be covered if they incur costs on the trip. Invest in high-strength flight cases Some airlines are notorious for breaking or losing their passengers’ things. A baggage handler’s technique is more likely to be a two-handed vault than a careful, orderly placement of items in the cargo hold. This doesn’t bode well for events equipment. You may have shelter tools, signage, support frames and media technology that is too fragile to bear such treatment. Flight cases are an essential part of your travel prep. We stock 12mm and 9mm plywood models with up to eight handles, for industrial-grade protection during flight time. Set aside an emergency stash of cash Again, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s hardly a nice thought, but it’s worth tackling if we want to skirt a disaster in a place we don’t recognise. What if a key individual gets lost one night, without their wallet, and needs to grab a taxi to the hotel? How about a client dinner that cleaves your budget in two? There are so many ways to lose money extraneously when we’re ‘on tour’. Trust us – you will end up spending more than you factored in at the outset. Bite the bullet by forming a Plan B fund for the team to use when they’re in dire straits. Obviously, do the currency exchange before you leave the UK to benefit from kinder rates. Bring plenty of side wall bags The walls of your Instant Shelter may be the most precious thing of all, in terms of physical gear, to conserve for the journey. If the shelter itself falls flat, your time and financial investments will diminish. It’s just not worth risking a shaky, subpar structure on a big exhibition date. Surf & Turf’s side wall bags can care for the material you choose as the heart of any promo strategy. They can hold tough UV-resistant fabric, shelter pegs, and small extras that will encourage a high-functioning trade show schedule. A zip top and comfortable handle ensure that taking these bags with you is never a chore. Prior to taking a brand somewhere fresh and exciting, call the Surf & Turf advisors – we have been in the events sector for many years, and know exactly what a British events force needs to fly the flag for great business.