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5 Tips For Marketing Your Next Event

Promotional events are like a cake. Each layer, by itself, is undoubtedly sweet, but the way they are combined makes the whole thing worth biting into. At Surf & Turf, we give you the icing on top – via our Instant Shelters and accessories – for a business, charity or sports team. Yet you shouldn’t stop there. Your stand will be contained to one space, and a single day, if you don’t interweave your other marketing material. What do we mean by this? Here’s how to make a shelter work seamlessly with the rest of your branding resources… 1. Behind-the-scenes social photos If this is your first event with a new shelter kit – or any promotional gear, for that matter – use your social channels to give a glimpse of what’s to come. Businesses should make their followers feel like they’re in an exclusive club. Snapping images of your events materials when you’re picking them up, designing the prints or doing a test setup is sure to help generate excitement. 2. Post comments about the event agenda Whether it’s a conference or a more casual affair, there may be a series of talks, demonstrations and/or competitions when the big day arrives. Do your business a favour by tweeting and sharing thoughts on the event’s key topics. Tag panellists, hosts and delegates that are relevant to your own venture. What are they saying about your industry? Furthermore, what do you have to add to the conversation before meeting them in person? 3. Work on the shelter logo and colour scheme The best Instant Shelter providers allow for custom printing so that you can display tailored messages, branding and colours on the items you want. It’s important that the shelter is easily recognisable and forms an extension of your business identity. Logos can be replicated, whilst key information can be reinforced with bullet points and taglines. Discuss every request with your shelter experts before signing off on the concept – Surf  & Turf can use existing designs or create new artwork on request. 4. Create a live feed on the day Okay, it’s time for action – the conference/market/trade show is in full swing. You’ve perfected your event stand and have a small army of team members dedicated to the cause. Why not record your activity? Facebook Live, as well as Twitter’s Periscope function, are there to help show your followers whatever’s happening on the ground. Snapchat, Instagram and other channels have their specific video streaming settings too. ‘Going live’ is a great way to increase engagement with your brand; your fans on social media can see your stand in all its glory and comment on proceedings, even if they’re not actually at the event. 5. Wrap the experience up in a summary video Even when you come home, exhausted and happy from the last 24 hours, the event doesn’t have to vanish into the ether. By hiring a production crew to film the day, and your role in it, there will be plenty of material for a fun, well-edited showcase video. This can be used on your website, or sent out to contacts who signed up to learn more about you. As ever, the more visual exposure your event gear receives, the better your investment. First-class shelters, banners and lighting fixtures can make people dizzy with expectation. Explore our catalogue of events products, and call our Surf & Turf specialists for further advice. Roping an Instant Shelter into your broader promotional ideas can really help drive your business objectives home.