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How To Grow Your Green Event Plan

Events are certainly exciting experiences, but in the midst of all the exhilaration, it can be easy to forget about your impact on the environment. Those coming to your stand may not see you as ecologically aware if you clearly haven’t ‘thought green’ when preparing for your event. Thankfully, we’ve put together some simple steps to help you grow an eco-friendly event plan. Choose a shelter that can be reconfigured An instant shelter is a necessity for any event, particularly those outside in the British weather. However, a shelter for one event may not suit the requirements of another, resulting in multiple purchases. Not only is this not cost-effective for your organisation, it’s not healthy for our environment either. Thankfully, this can be easily combatted. There are numerous shelters available that can be reconfigured. The Canopro Elite Instant Shelter, for example, has five adjustable height settings, meaning your event kit can suit a range of locations and purposes. Additionally, this shelter has sides which are interchangeable to match the weather conditions of the day. An environmentally aware and flexible product indeed! Opt for recyclable equipment Event kit is manufactured using various materials, but not all of these are recyclable. Products made using non-recyclable components will likely end up in a landfill when their time is up, rather than be reused. However, aluminium can be fully recycled. Therefore, if possible, opt for this more sustainable material when choosing your event products. The Canopro Lite Instant Shelter uses aluminium frames, making it ideal for any green event plan. Flooring can fit this criterion too – Surf & Turf’s interlocking solutions are composed from recyclable polypropylene. It’s also unlikely you’ll need to buy additional flooring, because damage is easily repelled by the easy-to-clean and UV-resistant surfaces. This means it’s friendly on your organisation’s budget and on the environment, cutting the need for further production and purchase. Pick energy efficient accessories Not only is LED lighting highly energy efficient, using less electricity for the same level of brightness, they are also significantly lower in cost. Our mains-powered and rechargeable LEDs will efficiently shine a light at your event – they have a very lower power consumption (less than 30 watts), and use no ultraviolet or infrared radiation. On top of this, they have an incredibly long lifetime of 25,000 hours. This equates to 1,041 days, so unless you spend the next three years at events all day every day, you’re unlikely to purchase them again any time soon! Being green in your event preparation is actually easier than you’d think; you just need to choose the right products. To find out more about the items that can help your event planning grow green, and in turn make your organisation flourish, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email