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The Benefits Of Creating A Strong Brand For Your Event

When attending an exhibition or event, you want to stand out. Between visitors and other exhibitors, there are plenty of opportunities for brand exposure. However, without strong branding your chances of footfall will be restricted, and you won’t get the return that you’re after. With that being said, here are the biggest benefits in developing your brand for events.

Repeat visitors through recognition

If you attend the same exhibition annually, or if there is any crossover in the audiences of the exhibitions that you do attend, then recognition is huge in attracting visitors to your stall. Achieving familiarity with your target market is key to repeat business. And what better way to acquire that traffic than through instant shelters? Whether in the rain or inside an exhibition hall, when it comes to events, instant shelters visually set you apart from the competition. Alternatively, set your stall in an inflatable expo dome which is guaranteed to turn a few heads! When used in combination with a number of roller banners, you’ll give that much bolder an impression of your brand’s position within the market. Differentiating your organisation from the exhibitors around you by presenting your brand as something unique offers familiarity that you can use. It provides an introduction when you call attendees you’ve spoken with on the day, to remind them of who you are.

A coordinated marketing approach

Consistency is the next step in getting the most out of your brand at events. It’s all well and good investing in a variety of promotional material, but in order to be effective, they should all be working towards the same goal. At Surf & Turf, we have a wide array of branding options that can be tailored to your current marketing. For instance, if you’re interested in displaying a shop front banner, consider also how your booklets are branded or if the table cover is using the same strapline. The major benefit of a uniform approach to your branding is that there won’t be any confusion as to what you’re trying to say. If you’re promoting a new product or service, event branding can relay a very clear message, making you much more likely to be successful in converting your visitors into sales.

Improved credibility through presentation

There’s a lot to be said for good presentation. If your organisation is in the professional services sector, for example, branding alone might be what sets you apart from the competition. When presented with two businesses offering similar services at a similar rate, people will base their decision on a perceived value. By using bespoke, high quality promotional material, your organisation is much better positioned to be recognised as the reputable brand that it is – and increasingly likely to get traffic and engagement at events. Exhibiting should be seen as a chance to shine, regardless of the weather! Surf & Turf have an extensive product list that bears all industries in mind. We also have the necessary experience to extract your brand values and put them out into the open. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our Surf & Turf specialists, please get in touch on 01925 819608 or email