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How To Give Your Latest Product The Attention It Deserves

Unveiling a new service or product? You need to give it exposure that reflects the amount of work you put into creating it. The good news is that there are multiple ways to create hype and awareness of your offerings – whether that’s social media, paid advertising or email marketing.


However, in the event and exhibition world, there’s nothing that draws in the crowds like effective branding and promotional merchandise. You need to have a physical presence which creates an interest. ‘Letting the product speak for itself’ is only going to work if you already have traffic coming to your stand.


Here, we discuss the best ways to raise awareness of your latest product and how to ensure the spotlight shines on you at any event you attend.


Create a stage


Without a stand worth visiting, your product isn’t going to get the audience it deserves. So, invest in a shelter that raises anticipation before you’ve even presented your latest creation. Build a platform that draws people in and gives a sense of prestige.


In other words, give the immediate impression you’re going to be worthy of their time. Our Canopro Elite Shelter can be branded to perfectly capture your values and service offerings. You won’t find a stronger unit, it’s the best-selling professional shelter throughout Europe and once you see the queues outside your stall, you’ll see why.


Make people look up


As people navigate their way around events, they’ll often casually check their phone or use it for work. Be innovative, don’t just use poster boards and inflatable stands to get attention. The sleepwalking workaholics won’t notice you if you can’t get them to look up.


With our bespoke Printed Logo Mats, you can raise the heads of those looking down and get them looking at your business. With the help of your elite events team you can use products like this to trap and then pitch visitors with your product.


Use every inch of space


Space can be everything. If you want your product to get attention, then you need to strike a balance between using all available space and not looking cluttered. When attendees visit your stall, they need to have a clear idea of who you are and what you do.


Our Shelter Kite Banners allow you to advertise on the ceiling of your shelter! Don’t let your audience lose you at any point during the pitch. Once there in your event space, tidily orchestrate your entire stand so as to focus all the attention on your grand reveal. In essence, you’ll be turning your entire stall into a honing beacon for your product.


Let us help leave an impression


At Surf & Turf, our team are experts in creating a display built around generating interest. We have all the tools you need to give your latest masterpiece the launch it deserves. Speak to a member of our team today and find out how you can ensure your event space works for your new product.