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Custom print to make your events stand out

Drive More Traffic To Your Market Stall: Get Your Branding Right

If you’re the only cuisine stall at an event, all attendees will be coming your way when lunchtime rolls around. But if you’re competing against other eateries, you need more than delicious food to lure in customers…

No matter how tasty your products are, without branding, no one is going to try them. You need to ooze prestige and create a stunning visual effect using a variety of tools and techniques to keep guests’ attention at all times.

To help you battle it out in the competitive world of food vendors, we’ve put together a guide on driving traffic to your stall by getting your branding right.

Build excitement with banners

 Selling at a huge market with several other vendors? Add class to your stand with banners. Banners imply legitimacy; visitors often think the worst of street vendors in terms of quality and hygiene, so by using promotional banners, you’re adding a sense of professionalism that your neighbours can’t match.

Our simple but effective Pop Up Banners are easy to carry and completely weatherproof – making it perfect for a British marketplace. You can use the design to present your menu or advertise your product, generating interest before visitors have even walked up to your stall.

Advertise offers with poster boards

If you have an unmissable deal or are launching a new product, you can’t do any better than our A1 Poster Board. With complete scope for visuals and branding, A1 posters draw attention like no other. They’re lightweight, easily placed, and with galvanised steel back panels, they’re durable too.

Because of the design of the display, it is often used for important messages. This makes it perfect for your stall – you aren’t offering a basic product or average food after all, you’re a higher-tier vendor! You can use it to advertise offers you may have or specials of the day – it’ll keep the attendees’ focus as they’re making their buying decision.

Create exclusivity with barriers

Customers want to feel like royalty, so give them a red carpet that welcomes them in! Our Café Barriers act as just that, luring traffic in by complementing the luxury food items you serve. They suggest a level of quality other vendors can’t compete with, especially if you brand them to align with everything else.

Available in chrome or a black finish, you can fully print on both sides of these plush pieces of exterior furniture. Whether you choose to entice traffic with extravagant photos of your food or wow guests with a menu showing your great prices, you’ll be sure to stand out against the competition.

Make the most of your space with wraps

 If you’re limited for space, it can be hard to incorporate banners or A1 poster boards. You may feel forced to use the area available to you, right down to the table you’re serving from. However, if you want maximum room for your event team, you may need to consider other options.

That’s where our Valance Wraps come in. Perfectly suited to any of our shelters, these unique banners can advertise your services to all attendees from 360 degrees. If you’re short on space, there’s no better solution to hold a visitor’s gaze and get them queuing for your food.

Want to find out how you can maximise exposure at events? Speak to a member of the Surf & Turf team today. No matter the feel you want to create or space you’re restricted to, we’ve got promotional materials that are perfect for turning heads and expressing your brand.