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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Beer Garden

Everybody loves a beer garden. It can be raining cats and dogs, and someone will still be sat outside embracing the British weather. What turns people away, however, is a beer garden left uncared for.


If you’ve got wonky tables, uncut grass and no shelter from the elements, chances are people won’t be staying for a drink – let alone sitting in your garden. That’s why it’s so important to take care of the exterior of a hospitality business.


Here, we’ve provided a guide on what you can do to boost your garden’s appeal.


Shelter pints come rain or shine


Provided they aren’t getting wet, people will find any excuse to sit outside. There’s nothing worse than being dripped on while you’re having a tipple, so give guests the shelter they need in the form of our Café Series parasols.


At 2m wide, these fully customisable parasols won’t just keep your punters dry, they’ll give your garden the look of an upmarket restaurant or bar that’s ideal for families.


If that wasn’t enough, while there will be some customers keen to catch a tan in the summer, our parasols are UV-resistant and perfect for anyone looking for a little bit of respite from the heat.


Add exclusivity to your establishment


You don’t want customers spilling out into the street or individuals loitering in your beer garden without getting a drink. There has to be an element of exclusivity. Guests should feel that they are getting an experience out of drinking and eating within your grounds.


To convey class but still encourage every type of drinker in, we’ve got just the thing. Our café barriers easily link together and give your watering hole a cohesive impact.


By choosing a product that complements the parasols, you encourage respect from customers and prevent just anybody from lounging around in your garden.


Give people a reason to stay for ‘one more’


Hosting a beer festival or fancy a shelter that gives a little more intimacy? The Robusta is perfect for getting your guests together and spreading merriment into the early hours.


It’s the ideal setting for a weekend event where customers can either bring their families or enjoy a day session without rushing off to head on home. In addition, for those colder evenings, the Robusta offers a more enticing space.


Parasols keep guests from getting wet, but if you want people to stay on your premises you need to protect them against all the elements. Wind can knock over a pint glass and spoil someone’s afternoon, so make sure you offer something more all-encompassing too.


The beer garden is a national institution, and one we should preserve. At Surf & Turf, we’re doing our bit by offering our own quality additions to your establishment. Speak to the team today to find out more!