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Outdoor Wedding? How To Prepare For Your Big Day, Come What May

People will call you brave, optimistic or simply crazy to have an outdoor wedding in the UK.


On paper, there’s nothing more romantic than you and your spouse being able to watch the sun set on the best day of your life. But in reality, the British weather has other ideas – and without a decent shelter, the dress, cake and your mother-in-law could all be sodden or sunburnt before the day is through.


So, to rid you of any unnecessary wedding anxiety, we’ve listed some products below that are sure to protect your perfect day.


Put a roof over your happily ever after


Looking for shelters that look fabulous and don’t break the bank? Look no further than our regal shelters. Wedding gazebos can cost an arm and a leg, which is why we created the perfect solution for outdoor soirées on a budget.


Its scalloped canopy and curtains can be pulled together or apart in order to impress elegance on your nearest and dearest. Available in two colours, it’s certain to fit the theme of any wedding come rain or shine.


Provide suitable all-day shade


Everyone wants a heatwave for their wedding. It guarantees the rain won’t ruin your photos, but it does raise the chance of sunburnt and irritable guests. Our parasols aren’t just for keeping your dream day dry, they provide exceptional UV resistance for all your friends and family!


With our octagonal Café Series parasol, you and your partner can rest easy with the knowledge that there’s sufficient shelter from the blistering heat throughout your special day. Plus, with five colours and custom printing options available, we’re confident we can enhance the beauty of your union.


Serve drinks to thirsty guests from anywhere


Okay, maybe not anywhere. But your loved ones shouldn’t have to brave hell or high water each time they need to head to the bar. It makes sense to have a drinks table that can be easily relocated to suit the weather, right?


With our exhibition tables, you can! Don’t waste space or budget on providing a dedicated canopy for your drinks table. Choose a solution that can be easily moved so everybody can access drinks without an outfit change or a pair of wellies.


Illuminate the night and party into the early hours


No need to head indoors for the dancing – you can build a dance floor outside! Pair it with our LED rechargeable strip lighting, and the revelry can continue on well into the night.


Lighting doesn’t need to get in the way of your dad’s best moves either – with up to 16 hours of battery power, you can declutter your dancing stage of wires and extension cords. Our strip lighting can also be fitted within any of our shelters.


At Surf & Turf, our mission is to make weddings affordable – especially if you’ve always imagined yours outdoors! We know what the industry charges young couples in love, which is why we offer a solution that accommodates any budget. Want to ensure a magical day and stay within budget? Speak to a member of our team today!