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How To Create A Stunning Market Stall At Your Local Market

Local markets are dominating Britain’s high streets once more, and they certainly haven’t lost any of their charm. People still venture from far and wide to visit bazaars with reputations, and when the crowds come a-calling, it’s up to you to make your stall as engaging as possible.

Wondering how to increase footfall at your stall? Here are a few suggestions on how to jazz up your stand and turn hundreds of heads at the next local market.

Show ‘em what you got

“Never judge a book by its cover” is a well-known and oft-true expression, but it’s never at the forefront of market visitors’ minds. If a stall looks pretty, they’ll take an interest. If a stand is rough around the edges, they’ll shuffle on without a second thought. Rightly or wrongly, the overall success of a market stall hinges on its appearance. By decking out the sides with feather flags, displaying your brand name with shop front banners, and showing off your selection of products on a propped-up poster board, you can tickle the interest of passers-by without even opening your mouth.

Stay popular – whatever the weather

Bad weather is often to blame for bad business at local markets. This is why it’s worth considering items that can protect your stall in the event of rainy skies and blustery winds. Bespoke instant shelters are perfect for keeping your stall warm and dry, with custom-made designs allowing you to tailor the dimensions to your desires. You can actively steer water away from your tent by getting your hands on some rain gutters, which are designed to attach to the Velcro inside the pelmet of Surf & Turf instant shelters.

Keep the queues moving

Enticing people to your stall is the first tricky task, but the second is making sure they’re happy to stay there. A lengthy, disorganised queue can be enough to deter somebody with the patience of a saint, so if you’re managing to lure in a decent crowd, keep the queue organised by using café barriers. It’s also worth strategically placing a few visual aids like inflatable light tubes or promotional flags either side of the queuing line, as this gives customers something to look at whilst they’re waiting to be served. Positioning a couple of exhibition tables alongside your stall can also ease congestion, especially if you’re serving food and drink. These tables can be used to stow cutlery, sauces, napkins, and condiments, which prevents customers from having to reach into your stall to grab what they need. Turning your market stall into a work of art is simple and affordable with Surf & Turf. To revamp your presence, browse our website, or get in touch with the team today. Together, we can help you build the kind of market stand that people will remember.