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The history of Surf & Turf – and our exciting plans for 2022

Surf & Turf is the UK’s leading supplier of custom shelters, gazebos, marquees and other branded outdoor products and accessories. Our products help to protect your business, staff and customers from all weathers at outdoor events, whilst making your brand stand out. 

While we supply shelter and custom branding solutions to an enormous range of different companies, there are four major industries we work with:


Country shows, music festivals, street food markets, festivals – whatever your event, we’ve got you covered.


Rallies, karting, motorcycle road racing, and much more – if you’ve seen shelters at a motorsport event, the chances are it was one of ours…


Football, rugby, horse racing, and fishing, among many others.


Trade shows, conferences, exhibitions – helping businesses stand out from the crowd.

How we started out 

Surf & Turf was founded 15 years ago – as a small company with big plans. Our first workspace was a modest outhouse in the founder’s back garden, but customer demand for gazebos soon meant that these humble premises were short-lived, and a bigger unit was required.

Today, we have a fully-operational HQ (away from the back garden), consisting of our sales team, warehouse operatives and design & print studio. Despite growing exponentially, we still do everything ourselves, in-house – just with a much larger workforce – making Surf & Turf a one-stop shop for customers’ shelter and branding needs, producing bespoke gazebos, flags, table covers, banners, and much more.

Our audience has grown, too. While we still continue to supply various industries, in recent years we’ve seen a huge rise in purchases for residential use, with clients buying gazebos for their gardens. We’ve also been supplying hundreds of shelters, gazebos and accessories to councils across the UK and Ireland, as well as the army and NHS.

Your bespoke service

Everything we design is with our customers in mind. We know your business is unique – which is why you need unique cover and accessories to match.

We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our clients, no matter the budget or industry, matching the size, design, price and accessories, and taking great pride in ensuring that you not only receive a premium product, but superior, service, too. 

Personalised branding

At Surf & Turf we also understand the importance of branding. Your business might have the world’s best offering, but without the right visuals you could easily get lost in a crowd. 

That’s why we’ve been helping businesses shine for years, offering personalised products that catch your customers’ eye and make an impact.

Your ultimate lighting solutions

As our company and offering evolved, we knew that to be the number one shop for outdoor events, our clients were going to need more than shelter. One of the biggest areas of growth and development at Surf & Turf is expanding our offering to include lighting and heating products

It’s why we introduced a range of products that easily attach to our shelters, providing warmth and light to staff and customers at events. Our most popular lighting and heating solutions include:

3-Way LED Mains Lighting 

Our 3-Way LED Mains Lighting has been designed to attach to the centre pole of any of our parasols and instant shelters.

It has 240v mains powered lighting with three adjustable light settings, so you can change it depending on the time of day, making it ideal for when you’re exhibiting on dark winter nights.

3-Way Infrared Halogen Gazebo Heater

This halogen heater is another great option – 240v mains power, can easily clamp onto any of or gazebos or parasols, and with three 500W infrared adjustable heaters. 

Infrared heaters are also energy efficient, as the elements only heat objects, rather than the atmosphere like gas heaters do. 

3kW Parasol Heater 

Our 3kW Parasol Heater is a high-end, simple solution that can attach to any parasol mast, and is perfect for both residential and commercial use. The 3kW Parasol Heater comes complete with remote control, and each of the 1kW heaters can be operated independently.  

Rechargeable LED Strip Lighting & USB Charger

If you’re going to struggle with connecting to the mains, our Rechargeable LED Strip Lighting & USB Charger is the one for you. It requires no power, which is handy when you’re exhibiting in open spaces, and once fully charged it lasts up to eight hours on full power – and up to 16 hours on half power. 

Always innovating 

We’ve come a long way on our Surf & Turf journey so far, but we’re not slowing down. We’re always innovating, listening to our clients and developing new products to meet their needs, such as our Café Screens – providing smart and stylish barriers and partitions for a wide range of exhibitions, service industries, markets and events. 

With more new products in the pipeline, 2022 is set to be our biggest year yet. Watch this space…

If you’re organising or exhibiting at events this year, browse our range of shelters, heating and lighting solutions today.