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Instant Awning For Motorsport

When taking part in motor sport, whether it be motocross, super bike, kart or car an Instant Awning is now becoming a necessity in the paddock.

Teams and individuals have realised that an Instant Awning can provide the shelter of a traditional wind out, van mounted awning without the lengthy set up times.

Our Instant Awnings have been used by individual schoolboy motocross riders, kart racers right up to WRC rally teams proving an Instant Awning from Surf & Turf will give you the peace of mind on race day.

Once the Instant Awning is erected and secured, either using the anchor kit supplied or weights available as an extra, you can be safe in the knowledge that an Instant Awning from Surf & Turf will protect you and your machinery form the elements!

If you are looking for an Instant Awning for the up coming race season please contact the motorsport awning specialists, Surf & Turf Instant Shelters.


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