Creating An Event Marketing Plan That Drives Sales

5th december 2018

When it comes to events, you only get out what you put in. To achieve success, the necessary groundwork needs to be laid. Many exhibitors make the mistake of assuming […]

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How To Prepare Your Event Kit For Storm Season

20th szeptember 2018

There’s nothing worse than the weather report warning that a storm is on its way, just before you head off to set up for your event. It seems there’s no […]

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5 Tips For Getting Great Shots Of Your Event Setup

14th augusztus 2018

Sharing photographs of your event setup is certain to maximise your exposure and generate engagement with your brand. Pictures are a great marketing tool to use on your social media, […]

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Sponsoring An Event? 5 Tips To Maximise Exposure

1st augusztus 2018

Sponsoring an event brings a level of exposure to a large audience that needs to be made the most of. You’ll want a return on your sponsorship investment, and you […]

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April Showers? Survive And Thrive With These Handy Tips

20th április 2018

April is supposed to be the month that heralds the start of spring – and with it beautiful sunshine. Anyone who lives in the UK, however, knows that this is […]

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Must-Have Accessories For Motorsport Season

11th április 2018

When the mornings begin with sunlight spilling through the windows, many of us start looking forward to summertime. For racing fans and petrolheads, this is a particularly exciting time of […]

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Exhibiting Abroad: What You Need To Succeed

8th február 2018

It’s often said that ‘the sky is the limit’ when setting out to dominate an industry. Eventually, however, that may become a literal marker of where to go next… Jetting […]

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Your First Exhibition? Things To Prepare For…

30th január 2018

Your first exhibition is always an exciting experience. Setting up a stall with your brand, team or charity name plastered across the front is a proud moment, and you’re sure […]

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