Creating An Event Marketing Plan That Drives Sales

5th december 2018

When it comes to events, you only get out what you put in. To achieve success, the necessary groundwork needs to be laid. Many exhibitors make the mistake of assuming […]

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Grey Skies? How To Let The Light In At Inside Events

8th november 2018

The clocks have gone back, but there’s no preventing the dark commute in the morning and the even darker commute back. Exhibitions at this time of year can be a […]

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The Benefits Of Creating A Strong Brand For Your Event

15th október 2018

When attending an exhibition or event, you want to stand out. Between visitors and other exhibitors, there are plenty of opportunities for brand exposure. However, without strong branding your chances […]

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Sponsoring An Event? 5 Tips To Maximise Exposure

1st augusztus 2018

Sponsoring an event brings a level of exposure to a large audience that needs to be made the most of. You’ll want a return on your sponsorship investment, and you […]

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How To Bootstrap Your Event Marketing Plan

16th május 2018

When looking at the budget for your event marketing plan, it may be tempting to simply cut down on costs by dropping certain types of promotion altogether. However, a reduction […]

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How To Grow Your Green Event Plan

10th május 2018

Events are certainly exciting experiences, but in the midst of all the exhilaration, it can be easy to forget about your impact on the environment. Those coming to your stand […]

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5 Tips For Marketing Your Next Event

13th március 2018

Promotional events are like a cake. Each layer, by itself, is undoubtedly sweet, but the way they are combined makes the whole thing worth biting into. At Surf & Turf, […]

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Picking The Perfect Events Package

16th január 2018

Is there a formula for nailing your event plan? Whilst we can’t claim the same kit works for everyone, there is a benefit to choosing one of Surf & Turf’s […]

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