About Our Personalised Event Shelters

Looking for a personalized gazebo, but don’t know where to start? Our custom pop-up gazebos can be personalised to ensure that you make a big impact and ensure your brand stands out from the others at a busy event. Our pop-up event shelters can be personalised in several ways:

Thermo Press Print – The heat press option is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to personalise your gazebo with logos and text. It’s the most low-cost choice, and because we custom print these in our UK studio, we can work on personalising your pop-up gazebo with fast lead times.

Dye Sublimation – Also a popular choice for personalised pop up event shelters, material is printed prior to stitching using the latest in dye sublimation technology. Benefits of this printing method are that there are no limitations on colours or designs; so, you can personalise your gazebo with no limitations!

Traditional Screen Printing – If you have a large volume of event shelters which you would like to personalise, this is a fantastic choice. Whilst it’s a more expensive process to set up, when printing in high volume it can be a cost-effective way of personalising your pop-up event shelter in large volumes.

Benefits of a personalised Event Gazebo

Whether you call them personalised gazebos, event shelters or pop ups, the benefits of personalising your Surf & Turf shelter for your season’s events are clear. Here at Surf & Turf, we have been personalising event pop ups in our UK studio for over 15 years and offer full customization for all our products. In a world where image is key, a personalised pop up which encapsulates your brand identity and catches the eye of your target market will help you stand out above the crowd and capitalise at your event; meaning that a personalised event gazebo will pay for itself!

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