About our Waterproof shelters 

Our gazebos are designed to be fully waterproof and shelter you from the UK’s unpredictable weather. Surf & Turf pop-up gazebos are manufactured from high quality close mesh polyester to ensure that we provide the ultimate in both waterproofing and protection. Our range of gazebos provide a waterproof solution which is second to none, as all canopies in the range are PU coated on the outside with a PVC coating on the inside to ensure that the gazebos remain fully waterproof.

Benefits of a waterproof shelter

Whether you call them waterproof gazebos, pop-ups or shelters – our range all provide excellent quality and are designed to be fully waterproof. The benefits of having a waterproof gazebo for your event is that it will allow you the flexibility of using it in a variety of weather conditions, without compromising on your event set-up or aesthetic– you will always have shelter from the elements!

Benefits of having a waterproof shelter with sides

We understand that our customers often use our gazebos at events across the UK & Europe in all weather conditions, and we know the importance of ensuring that you can rely on your shelter or pop-up to be fully waterproof and protect you from the elements; which is why we apply a PVC coating to all our canopies. If you’re looking for a waterproof gazebo with sides – look no further. Our side walls are all tape sealed and manufactured from a high-quality close mesh polyester, with zipped sides which are reinforced for that extra level of protection and waterproof quality.

Some of our most popular Waterproof Shelters with Side panel options

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