6m Waterproof Gazebos With Sides

One of the most popular sizes in all our shelter ranges – 3m x 3m is highly sought after.

However – within that – needs differ greatly. Below you will see our range of all waterproof and with the options of sides 3×3 Gazebos.

No matter what style you are after we certainly have you covered.

Our Full 6m x 3m Range:

Our Full 6m x 4m Range:

6m x 4m Heavy Duty Gazebo

Do I need side walls?

Enclosing off a 6m gazebo can really make this wide gazebo feel like a very comfortable yet enclosed outdoor space. By adding sides – you can create a nice weather-protected outdoor environment.
However the purpose of sides is two-fold – added privacy and then ultimately protection from the elements.
It also has a minor thermal effect keeping any hot air more confined to the area and reducing wind chill that could effect. However heat will still escape.

How do I make my 6 x 3 m gazebo weatherproof?

For all of our gazebos and our 6m x 3m gazebos are no different the material used is completely waterpoof.

We also offer a range of 6m gazebos with a rain canopy which extends the footprint slightly and adds further waterproof shelter. A great example would be our 6m x 3m Gazebo with extended rain canopy

I need a 6m x 3m shelter that lasts which is best?

All of our shelters come with a 12 month warranty – and are incredibly durable.
However if you’re looking to achieve a semi-permanent structure – our 6m x 3m Heavy Duty Gazebo is made with a stronger frame than the rest and is built for commercial environments.