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Sanitising Station Table and Printed Cover

Premium Covid Secure Sanitation Station

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Our sanitising stations are quick to deploy and highly portable.

Using our proven exhibition table as the foundation – we add a fully printed tablecloth to deploy a simple yet effective sanitising station.

Ideal use for keeping customers and staff aware of where they can sanitise with a vibrant eye-catching fully printed tablecloth. Ideal for shops, supermarkets, offices, places of worship, community halls and community spaces.

  • 6ft or 4ft tables available.
  • Simple tool free assembly
  • Portable
  • Table is wipeable
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Quick lead times
  • Add your own design to the table cover

About Our Sanitising Station

Our Sanisatisation stations are perfectly positions in the entrance of any store, shop or place of entry.

It allows for you to not only have clear branded as customers or employees enter. It creates a place for individuals to easily sanitise on the spot and safely acquire any additional PPE such as disposable gloves or masks.

Below are a few example settings we believe this is perfect for.

Supermarkets – Often this is deployed throughout larger stores to ensure there are multiple re-sanitisation opportunities throughout.

It is also very appropriate as a hygienic way to dispose of any PPE as they exit.

Shop entrances – whether your a golf pro shop welcoming golfers back onto the course. Or a small shop allowed open within the guidelines.

Having a clear professional sanitisation station will put your customer’s minds at ease and ensure every best effort is made to protect against the coronavirus.

Reception Areas – Before welcoming people into an office or warehouse. This clear station will ensure all parties sanitise before they enter.

Offering all relevant PPE before entry and keeping the workforce and employees safe.

Educational Settings – As a constant reminder to re-sanitise a clear messaged/branded sanitising station will ensure all teachers and pupils are staying alert to their sanitisation requirements.